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Nordisk Korthandel have released a series of detailed, high quality bicycle maps of Denmark, containing in total 8 maps.
For Northern Zealand and Southern Zealand there have in 2017 been published bicycle tour books with tour suggestions.
For Funen there have in 2018 been published bicycle map and tour books with tour suggestions.
All maps are printed on rigid and waterproof, nature friendly material, and have a lot of cyclist friendly information. 7 of the maps are in the common scale of 1:100.000, while the map for Bornholm is in the more detailed scale of 1:50.000. This map also contains descriptions of sights to see.

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General information

The cycle maps show all of Denmark’s sign posted bicycle routes. This is the first time that the local bicycle routes have been mapped. The routes are in the following categories: National cycle routes, Regional cycle routes and Local cycle routes.

You can also find information on accommodation, ferry connections, national sights, tourist agencies, beaches, grocery stores outside of major cities, bicycle repair shops, rest areas and bicycle friendly road churches. In the general text there are also tips and good advice on accommodation, transportation of bikes in trains, busses and ferries and links to relevant homepages with additional information.

The cycle maps of Northern Zealand and Southern Zealand are now showing tent camps and cycle paths.

The maps are full area maps, so they can be used to find paths outside of the marked routes or roads and paths that connects the routes. Another thing to mention is that there are a wealth of information to be found on the base cartography of the maps to inspire and use on your trip.

Cycle map of Northern Zealand

On your bike you travel as a king, and that seems to hold true in "the Kings Northern Zealand" with its stately forests, lakes and great bicycle routes. On one map you have Copenhagen and all of northern Zealand, where a vast tangle of cycle routes covers the area. From Copenhagen you can take the "Supercykelsti" to Farum and then route 31 to Hillerød, where you can bike through Frederiksborg Castle on route 32 towards Tisvildeleje or route 33 to Gilleleje. On the local railways there are free bike transport which makes getting around and changing routes more flexible, so you can try out some of the new routes like Dronningerunden. .

The map of Northern Zealand also contains the popular Fjordsti (route 40) around Roskilde inlet and the Ise inlet with relaxing little ferry breaks on the way. Exciting is also Odsherred from the flat Lammefjord to the ridge upon Sjællands Odde where you can see water on both sides as if you where traveling by boat.

The map covers as far south that you have most of Zealand covered, including the national park Skjolungers Land and Stevns Klint, part of UNESCO world heritage.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d57

A bicycle tour book for the Northern Zealand with tour suggestions is now available. Read more:  www.scanmaps.dk/0251d76

Cycle map of Southern Zealand including Lolland, Falster and Møn

The Southern Zealand also encompasses Stevns with its little sneaky roads lined with willow trees. A less known route is R56 from Køge to Vordingborg. Here you will sway back and forth in smooth zig zag curves between little forests and experience manors with shady stories like Vallø Castle, Jomfruens Egede and - with a small side route - Vemmetofte Monastery. Further ahead you will reach Præstø and end by Gåsetårnet (the goose tower) in Vordingborg.

You will be treated to proper manor landscapes with soft sloped fields and ruler sharp avenues at the southern islands Lolland and Falster. Many historical memories are bound to this area from Pederstrup in the west to Korselitse in the east. A real exotic route follows Falsters east coast (N8 and N9) where you can see the old beech trees by the seaside and further inland peculiar buildings like Generalens Lysthus and the houses in Hesnæs with their straw covered walls. Finally there is Møn which can be seen as a pearl in its own right, with its gnarled but at the same time idyllic roads that ends suddenly at one of the countries biggest attractions, Møns Klint.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d58

A bicycle tour book for the Southern Zealand with tour suggestions is now available. Read more:  www.scanmaps.dk/0251d77

Cycle map of Funen, with Ærø, Langeland and Als

It is not without reason Southern Funen is well known for cycle holidays with all its lovely islands. You are either biking close to the waterfront or are up in the Funen "Alps" getting a panorama view of the beautiful small islands that all invite for closer inspection. The variation between biking and small breaks on the little ferries is a treat you should not miss. The road here could go by the new local cycle route from Ringe to Korinth, where you are gliding through the landscape and land in one of Denmark's most breathtaking places between Arreskov and Brændegård's lakes and forests.

Northern Funen is not something to dismiss either. Here you can also find narrow roads with half-timbered houses and lovely provincial towns like Bogense and Kerteminde with the Johannes Larsen museum. Finally there is H. C. Andersen’s Odense which in itself is worth a visit and also a perfect place to start your journey towards experiencing the idyllic Funen - and by the way one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251f59

Cycle map Eastern Jutland

Starting in "the Worlds smallest big city" Aarhus you can bike west to Denmark's "Lake District". First you should enjoy the cyclist friendly Aarhus with its cycle street in Mejlgade and lots of local routes out of the city towards the green areas like Brabrand Lake. A lot of the local routes have been paved and will lead you through stately homes and moraine hills. At the end you will find the wonderful lakes around Silkeborg and Ry and also Denmark's highest point “Himmelbjerget” (The Sky mountain). After that you can follow Hærvejen south along the watershed and further on you can take the pleasantly relaxing cycle route 31 from Silkeborg to Horsens. Here there is a 60 km stretch without any car traffic - perfect for a family trip.

The nose of Jutland, Djursland is also worth a cycle holiday. Between Aarhus, Grenå and Randers there are many good cycle routes. This holds true both along the coast, past Mejlgård Castle and Katholm and over Mols which is now a national park. Beautiful local cycle routes have been mapped on the north coast by Bønnerup Strand (Bønnerup beach), and the trainpath route from Gjerrild over Ryomgård to Auning is a wonderful cultural and historical journey. .

Finally you should not miss Samsø's regional cycle routes, where old buildings and new organic farming principles can be studied while you shop fresh berries at the little stands along the roadside.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d60

Cycle map Northern Jutland

The top of Denmark draws a lot of tourists who comes to experience the long nights and the fresh air. When you have tried to have the two different oceans wash over your feet at Skagens Gren and warmed yourself on the herring carts in Skagen harbor you could take the bike south and choose the Vesterhavs route (N1) with its rhythmical change between ocean and plantation down towards Løkken and Blokhus or the east coast route (N5) through Frederikshavn and Sæby with more lovely provincial towns on the way. If you cannot decide whether to go left of right, you can stay in the middle and use Hærvejsruten (N3) that follows the Jutland ridge through its wonderful nature that among other things contains Jyske Ås and Dronninglund.

You can also bike around Vendsyssel by combining route N1 and N5 with Limfjordsruten (N12). By doing so you have the opportunity to experience the cultural offers of Aalborg.

South from here and still on the northern Jutland map you find Himmerland. Its a lovely terrain with the Rebild hills and Rold forest with its blue dunes. From Løgstør by Limfjorden you have the opportunity to ride 69 km on the car free route Himmerlandsstien (R35) all the way to Viborg where lots of new opportunities and new local bike routes presents themselves.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d63

Cycle map of Western Jutland

The uninhabited Danish coasts are a unique experience that makes tourist come to Denmark to visit. Especially the western coast of Jutland is rich with nature experiences. You can follow cycle route 1 which is also the European North Sea Route (EuroVelo 12) over Hansholm, Nørre Vorupør and Agger Tange. With the smell of seaweed and salt in your nostrils you experience the landscapes change from sand dunes to broad beaches, from Vigsø bay over rocky plantation in Thy national park to the wind blown isthmus and embanked lakes and inlets.

By Ringkøbing Fjord you can experience both the rough side on the west and the softer side by the inner side of the inlet by following a new local cycle route all the way around. Afterwards you can follow the historical cycle path from Søndervig to Ringkøbing that was originally financed by paying a toll. However today it is free to ride by the solitary church where once upon a time you would have sailed to. Now the path is part of the national cycle route 4 that you can follow down by Skjern Å through sight worthy flat landscapes. It is possible to camp by one of the beautifully located camp grounds near "the river".

You can also experience a quaint little museum located at a former school by Arnborg and then follow the regional cycle route 32 that now takes you to "the wild west's" larger city Herning. You can easily get back into nature by following Alhedestien (R21). From the railway station you swing out upon the railway path by Sunds to peaceful forest areas and moss covered clearings. The route ends - as it would have by train - at Viborg railway station. Here you will see the "many arrowed path finder" which gives you 10 different cycle route possibilities - in a star shaped pattern - from this wonderful culture hub of a city.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d62

Cycle map Southern Jutland

Here you can experience Jutland between two oceans with widely differentiating landscapes. The map covers the west coast from Ringkøbing Fjord to Højer Sluse, shifting from sand dunes to Vadehavet where you are welcomed by sheep and screeching birds. The experience can be spiced up with visits to the islands Fanø, Mandø and Rømø. The west coast route now goes through Ribe so you won't miss the oldest town in Scandinavia with its cobble stone streets and traditional guardsman singing.

You might not visit the south western corner of Denmark so often but if you plan to stay a few days in Tønder or Løgumkloster the map will present you with a rich selection of local cycle routes to choose from.

With your passport in your luggage you can cross the border to Germany and if you follow Grænseruten (the border route) this will happen more then once. The culture in southern Jutland is influenced by the close proximity to Germany and when you get to Padborg and follow the national route 8 through Dybbøl to Sønderborg you will be able to study the historical foundation of the province at close hand.

You can point your bike in the direction of Als and then continue up by the east coast. Here you will find historical towns near the inlet with art museums and exhibitions. You should make a stop in Christiansfeld north of Haderslev and have a "honningkage" (Danish gingerbread), while you study the history of the monks which now has become a UNESCO world heritage.

Finally you can end - or start - your trip in Kolding. The town has multiple art museums including Koldinghus that was once set on fire by Spanish solders to keep them warm.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d61

Cykelkort Bornholm

The rock- and sunshine island Bornholm is something special with the rock faced landscapes in north and the white sand beaches in south. In Hasle you can have a taste of the local smoked herring and north from that you can follow one of the most beautiful bike routes placed on a former horseback riding path, to the idyllic fishing village Helligpeder. On the east coast the towns Gudhjem and Svaneke are infused with an almost southern European vibe with its fig trees and narrow steep streets. Finally there is the round churches with meter thick walls that serve as a picturesque hallmark for the island.

Statistically one is correct in saying that the sun shines more and it rains less on Bornholm than in the rest of the country. Therefore it is very reasonable to plan a holiday there, especially if you like bike holidays. You can follow national route 10 all around the island, from Rønne through Hasle, Sandvig, Allinge, Gudhjem, Svaneke, Nexø, Dueodde, Pederske and back to Rønne again. You can also cycle across the island, as it is only 30 km on one side and 40 km on the other, by following the regional cycle routes. R23 from Rønne to Rø is especially sight worthy as it has been placed on an old abandoned railway that in its days was made by blowing trough the bedrock. Near Kleven the landscape can almost remind one of the American prairie.

The sights are positioned so close that you can easily reach them by bike and spend at least a week on Bornholm. Notice that the Bornholm map is in a more detailed scale of 1:50.000 where the rest of the maps are in the traditional 1:100.000, and the back of the map contains inspiring route descriptions in both Danish, English and German.

More info - www.scanmaps.dk/0251d64

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