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Guidebook to the magnificent Japan Alps, which stretch across the middle of the main island of Honshu, and iconic Mount Fuji. The guide describes nine day-walks and thirteen treks of 2–8 days covering the North, Central and South Alps, as well as the four main routes up Mount Fuji – Japan's highest mountain at 3776m – and a further route on neighbouring Mount Kurodake.

The routes visit many of the region's key summits, including several over 3000m. They are graded according to difficulty, although several entail steep ascents and difficult terrain and a few include scrambling and exposure, calling for a sure foot and a good head for heights. Comprehensive step-by-step route descriptions are accompanied by clear mapping. The Japan Alps and Mount Fuji boast a well-developed walking infrastructure, and the routes make use of the many mountain huts and campgrounds, full details of which are given in the guide. Some also include the opportunity to visit a traditional hot-spring bath for a refreshing soak after your hike.

You will find all the information you will need to plan a successful walking or trekking holiday, with a wealth of advice on travel, bases, accommodation and facilities. There are additional notes on plants and wildlife, the history of hiking in Japan and safety in the mountains, as well as full mountain-hut listings and a helpful glossary. Inspirational colour photography completes the package, offering a taste of the breathtaking mountain vistas to whet your appetite.

Hakuba Area
Walk 1 Mt Shirouma-dake
Trek 1 Mt Shirouma-dake and Hakuba-Yari Onsen
Tateyama Area
Walk 2 Mt Tateyama
Walk 3 Mt Oku-dainichi-dake
Trek 2 Mt Tsurugi-dake
Trek 3 North Alps traverse
Hotaka Area
Walk 4 Mt Yake-dake
Walk 5 Mt Nishiho-Doppyō
Trek 4 Mt Oku-Hotaka-dake and Karasawa Cirque
Trek 5 Mt Yari-ga-take
Trek 6 Mt Chō-ga-take and Mt Jōnen-dake
Trek 7 Mt Kasa-ga-take
Norikura Area
Walk 6 Mt Norikura-dake

Walk 7 Mt Kiso-koma-ga-take
Trek 8 Central Alps traverse

North Area
Walk 8 Mt Kai-koma-ga-take
Walk 9 Mt Senjō-ga-take
Trek 9 Mt Kita-dake
Trek 10 Mt Hō-ō
South Area
Trek 11 Mt Arakawa-Higashidake (Mt Warusawa-dake) and Mt Akaishi-dake
Trek 12 Mt Kamikōchi-dake and Mt Hijiri-dake
Trek 13 South Alps traverse

Walk 10 Mt Fuji – Yoshida route
Walk 11 Mt Fuji – Subashiri route
Walk 12 Mt Fuji – Gotemba route
Walk 13 Mt Fuji – Fujinomiya route
Walk 14 Mt Kuro-dake
NavnHiking and Trekking in the Japan Alps and Mount Fuji
ForfatterTom Fay & Wes Lang
ForlagCicerone Press

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