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Cycle map of Bornholm

Discover the sunny island of Bornholm with the 1:50,000 scale cycling map, detailed enough to include five walking routes, two trekking routes along the coast and across the island, as well as three hiking routes for day trips.

For a better overview and planning of your bicycle trip through Denmark, a full map of Denmark in the scale 1:500.000 is avaible here: Cycle map of Denmark & Copenhagen

The map includes:

  • National bicycle route: 10

  • Regional bicycle routes: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26

  • Local bicycle routes: L1, L2, L3 and L4

  • General information on accommodation, taking bikes on trains, etc.

City map of: Rønne and Nexø. Island map: Ertholmene with Christiansø.

The back page contains a detailed travel description of the National Cycle Route 10, including a description of the route, sights and photographs.

General information about accommodation on bicycles, bringing bicycles on trains and busses. Information and location of grocery stores, bicycle shops, national sights, tourist offices, campsites, tent sites, hostels and beaches.

The legend and information is in Danish, German and English.

With map data from the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency, the Danish Road Directorate and with expert knowledge from consultants, we have put together a detailed cycle map of the highest quality.

The card is printed on the durable and waterproof stone paper - a material that can be easily folded and is completely unaffected by moisture and rain. The matte coating significantly improves the readability of the card unlike plastic coated cards of plain paper. Stone paper is a product based on lime, and because it has no fibers, unlike ordinary paper, it can be folded without the same wear. In addition, rock paper does not need to be bleached in production, and it does not require water unlike traditional paper.
NameBornholm Cykelkort
mapnumber3. udg
Scale1 : 50.000
Product typeCykelkort
PublisherNordisk Korthandel
Dkr 145.00
forsendelse Forsendelse
fra 28,- kr.
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