Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions

Peace of mind when buying from

Shopping at is simple and secure with or without a credit card – both are easy and secure. The guidelines below apply to purchases from
Nordisk Korthandel – Scanmaps ApS
Ved Vesterport 4
1612 Copenhagen V
CVR number: 81 73 04 15
Telephone: 33 38 26 38

Delivery times

Delivery usually takes place within 2-4 working days if the goods are in stock. Orders for wall charts or school maps may take up to 7 days. If delivery is anticipated to take longer, the customer will be sent an e-mail containing information on delivery times. If orders are placed at the weekend, on public holidays etc., Nordisk Korthandel reserves the right to deliver within 3-7 days. If goods are dispatched abroad, longer delivery times should be expected.

Delivery of orders will be made by the most cost-effective means of transport. Scanmaps delivers to most countries in the world. Post Danmark is used for letters and packages. Larger packages (framed wall maps) will be sent by Danske Fragtmænd. Framed wall maps are only available for dispatch within Denmark. Customers outside Denmark requiring framed maps should contact us at:

Payment and delivery costs

Delivery costs depend on the goods ordered:

  • Nordisk Korthandel charges an amount equivalent to the purchase price for purchases made with VISA Dankort and Dankort, Eurocard, MasterCard. Shipping: DKK 38,- for pickup in post office and DKK 48,- for packages sent to home address.

  • An invoice is sent to VAT-registered companies, schools, libraries and institutions. Payment may also be made using an EAN number with an electronic invoice.

  • Orders for mounted wall maps incur a shipping and invoicing charge of DKK 400,- in East Denmark and DKK 550,- in West Denmark. does not charge a payment fee.

The amount is only debited from the customer’s card when the goods are dispatched from Amounts greater than the one approved by the customer on payment will never be debited. All prices include VAT and other duties. Prices are current prices. Orders may be placed in Danish or English.

Right of cancellation

The cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you received your item. If you have ordered several different items in one order, and they are delivered individually, the deadline starts from the day you receive the last item. If the order consists of several shipments, the cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you receive the last shipment.

Customers must within 14 days of receipt notify that they wish to cancel their purchase. This notification must be submitted by e-mail to or telephone +45 33 38 26 38 and should clearly state that the customer wishes to exercise this right of cancellation. Customers are also able to use a standard cancellation form and enclose it with their returns. This form can be found attached to the order confirmation and at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

Customers cannot cancel their order simply by refusing to take delivery of goods without also notifying Scanmaps.

Returning part of the purchase

If you purchased several items from us, you have the option to return one or more items, even if they were purchased in one single order.

Please note that you will not be refunded the shipping costs if you only return a part of your purchase.


Orders must be returned without undue delay and within 14 days of the customer’s notification of cancellation of purchase. Customers pay for the direct cost of returning the goods.

The price for returning goods is Post Nord's current shipping prices.

Under the rules for e-commerce, return shipping is at the consumer’s own risk. If the package should disappear or break in transit back to Nordisk Korthandel, the consumer is liable for the goods.

Exceptions to the right of cancellation

Customers lose their right of cancellation if they break the seal on sound or image recordings or computer software. No right of cancellation exists on the purchase of e-books or digital maps.

The condition of the returned goods

Customers are liable for any reduction in the value of the goods that may have been caused by handling other than that which was necessary in order to ascertain the nature, properties or function of the goods. In other words – customers are entitled to sample the goods in the same way as they would in a physical retail outlet.

If the goods have been tested beyond what is outlined above, Scanmaps will deem the goods to have been used, which means that the customer will only be refunded part or none of the purchase price, depending on the commercial value of the goods.

In order to have the full purchase price refunded, customers must therefore act as they would in a physical retail outlet. Customers are welcome to test the goods, but not take them into use.

Refund of the purchase price

Customers will be refunded the purchase price of the item, if they wish to cancel an order. If the value of the goods has been reduced, the customer is liable for this reduction which will be deducted from the refund.

Scanmaps will provide a refund using the same method of payment as the customer used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed with the customer. Scanmaps is entitled to withhold any refund until the goods have been received unless the customer has provided proof of return prior to this date.

For cancelled orders, the goods must be returned to:

Nordisk Korthandel – Scanmaps ApS, Ved Vesterport 4, 1612 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Customers are further entitled to cancel their purchase by notifying Scanmaps and returning the goods in person to the above address.

A copy of the receipt etc. should be attached to the goods. If a copy of the receipt etc. is not attached to the goods, Scanmaps will require this as proof that the goods were purchased from Scanmaps.

Please note! Scanmaps does not accept parcels sent cash on delivery.

Order cancellation

Customers wishing to cancel a purchase should cancel by sending an e-mail to This should be done as soon as possible after purchase as Scanmaps often dispatches goods on the same day as the order is received. If the goods have already been dispatched prior to receipt of notification of cancellation, the goods may be returned under the 14-day right of return rule. E-book orders may be cancelled for up to 14 days as long as the download link has not been used.


The rules on defects contained in the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply.

When you shop with us as a consumer, you have a right of complaint for 24 months.

If the goods have been damaged or are defective on delivery, customers are entitled to claim compensation. Customers have a two-year right of complaint pursuant to Section 83 of the Danish Sale of Goods Act for defective goods. Customers wishing to claim for defective goods must notify Nordisk Korthandel within a reasonable time period. Customer claims being submitted within two months are always regarded as timely. Complaints must be legitimate and defects must not have arisen as a consequence of incorrect use of the goods or other damaging conduct.

Defective goods may be returned to Nordisk Korthandel free of charge. Nordisk Korthandel delivers new goods within 7 days if the goods are in stock. If a new delivery is not possible, Nordisk Korthandel will refund the amount to the customer within 8-10 days. Returns or claims must be sent to:

Nordisk Korthandel, Ved Vesterport 4, 1612 Copenhagen V, Denmark.

Goods must always be returned in secure packaging and have attached a note describing the problem in detail.

Customers should remember to obtain a shipping receipt to allow Scanmaps to refund the shipping costs (within reason).

We do not receive returns without distribution or parcels sent by pay on delevery.

Customers who have questions about delivery and payment are welcome to visit the above address or call on telephone number 33 38 26 38 (Monday-Friday 11 am - 4 pm).

Information on complaints options

A complaint about a product or service purchased from Scanmaps may be submitted to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Denmark.

Complaints may be submitted to the Consumer Complaints Board on

The EU Commission’s online complaints portal may also be used for the submission of complaints, especially by customers residing in another EU country. Complaints may be submitted here – When submitting a complaint, customers need to provide the Scanmaps e-mail address


All copying of e-books except for the customer’s personal use and further illegal dissemination is prohibited pursuant to the Danish Copyright Act. Customers are responsible for ensuring that e-books are not disseminated to other users. If e-books go astray and e.g. end up on a file-sharing service, the watermark will allow Scanmaps to identify the customer’s order number and hold the customer liable.

The purchase of e-books involves delivery of digital content which is not delivered on a physical medium. As customers receive links immediately after order, Scanmaps requires the customer’s prior express consent and acknowledgement of the fact that the customer thereby loses the right of cancellation.

Nautical charts

Nautical charts are reviewed by Geodatastyrelsen. In case of minor corrections, the buyer is obliged to keep informed via Geodatastyrelsens list of corrections. The correction overview can be seen here:økortrettelser.

Larger corrections mean that the charts we have in stock will be replaced by new versions so our inventory is always up to date and the charts available at our store and at are always the latest versions.

Information about the Danish ports can be found here:

Digital maps - by agreement with Nordisk Korthandel,

Customers solely have the right to use electronic maps for the period and for the specific purpose agreed with Nordisk Korthandel.

Customers do not have the right of cancellation of purchases of electronic maps. By entering into this agreement on the purchase of electronic maps, the customer accepts that the customer has no right of cancellation.

Nordisk Korthandel is under no circumstances liable to the customer for consequential damage or indirect loss as a result of defects to electronic maps, including – but not limited to – production costs, operating losses, loss of profit or other indirect loss.

Customers are asked to confirm that that they accept that the above conditions apply to their purchase. As soon as Nordisk Korthandel has received the customer’s confirmation, the customer is sent the link to the electronic map.

Digital Maps – NK Vejkort (NK Road map)

Customers do not have the right of cancellation of purchases of electronic maps. By entering into this agreement on the purchase of electronic maps, the customer accepts that the customer has no right of cancellation.

Nordisk Korthandel is under no circumstances liable to the customer for consequential damage or indirect loss as a result of defects to electronic maps, including – but not limited to – production costs, operating losses, loss of profit or other indirect loss.

By accepting the terms & conditions of purchase at, the buyer agrees to the mentioned terms. "© Nordisk Korthandel," must be applied and visible on the map even if additions are made to the files or the legend is removed.

The colors and the design must not be changed. It should be clearly visibale that the map is NK Vejkort (NK Road map) in colors and fonts.

Privacy Policy

We need the following information when you shop with us:

Name, address, telephone number and email address.

We register and disclose your personal information in order to deliver services to you.

The personal data is registered with Nordisk Korthandel Aps and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.

The data responsible at is Nordisk Korthandel Aps.

As registered with Nordisk Korthandel Aps, you always have the right to send us your objections to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is recorded about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act. Inquiry in this regard should be sent to:’s liability

All liability and compensation claims pertaining to the goods must be directed to Nordisk Korthandel as the seller of the goods.

With the exception of the above, Nordisk Korthandel assumes no further liability for delays or defects unless otherwise provided for by the general rules of Danish law.

The customer is subject to the rights established by the Danish Marketing Practices Act, the Danish Consumer Contracts Act, specific provisions contained in the Danish Sale of Goods Act, the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and the Danish E-commerce Act. These Terms and Conditions were introduced on 1 December 1996 – updated 10 March 2015.

Secure purchasing at

Nordisk Korthandel uses the DIBS payment system for all purchases with payment cards. DIBS uses payment software certified by Nets.

Nordisk Korthandel does not use the information provided by customers for any other purpose than to complete the required purchase on

The website uses cookies to distinguish visitors to the site from each other. If cookies have been deactivated or deleted from the customer’s web browser, the website will not be capable of remembering the choices that the visitor has made on the site, e.g. placing goods in the shopping basket.

Cookies may easily be deleted by going to the web browser settings and deleting them. In Internet Explorer 5.x - 10.x, cookies can be deleted manually in the Features menu -> Internet settings -> Delete cookies. The collected information is only used to provide an overview of the number of visitors to the site and is not used to determine the behaviour of individual customers.

How does process data collected from electronic orders?

Customer card information is transmitted securely to DIBS via SSL and is not stored by Nordisk Korthandel. Customers set up as users are entitled to object to data held by Scanmaps pursuant to the rules contained in the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Right to complain

Customers wishing to lodge a complaint about their purchase should contact customer service. If a solution cannot be reached, customers are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Danish Consumer Complaints Board on if the conditions for lodging a complaint are met.



(This form should only be completed and returned for any cancellations)

Nordisk Korthandel,
Ved Vesterport 4
1612 Copenhagen K


Tel: 33 38 26 38

I hereby state that I wish to exercise my right of cancellation

of my purchase of the following goods/services:


Web order number: ______________________________


Ordered on: ______________________________ Received on: _______________________________


Consumer’s name:


Consumer’s address:


Consumer’s signature (only if the content of the form is issued on paper):


Date: __________________________


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