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Antique map of Europe by Guilielmo Blaeuw (Wilem Blaeu) published in Amsterdam around 1645. The map illustrates Europe fairly correct, but added the mysterious island, Frisia, placed between Greenland and Iceland. A fictional island were plotted on almost all maps of Europe and the World from 1558 to 1652. Furthermore, the map contains 9 painting og cities around the map, and 10 paintings of various nationalities.

Danish text.
70 x 53 cm
NameEuropa, år 1645
Product typeAntikkort
ProductgroupHistoriske Kort

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    About the series:

    Nordisk Korthandel - Gamle Landkort
    This new range of antique maps are new releases of original maps from the Royal Librarys map collection. The cards have been processed digitally and is printed on heavy canvas to achieve the beautiful look and the best quality.

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