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Immense, intense and dramatic, Argentina is a land of contrasts. From sophisticated Buenos Aires, home to grand baroque buildings and the mysteries of the tango, to the lush, jungled Iguazu Falls, down to the incredible frozen landscapes of Patagonia, Footprint's Argentina Handbook will ensure you discover the best of this incredible and varied country. * Great coverage of sights and activities, from the plazas and vineyards of Mendoza to wild and icy Ushuaia * Packed with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track from prehistoric cave art to Welsh teamrooms. Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, cutlure and landscape. Plus advice on where to stay, eating and drinking listings for every budget. Full-colour planning section to inspire travellers and help find the best experiences. From the colourful houses of La Boca to the crystalline waters around Bariloche, Footprint's fully updated 8th edition will help you navigate this elegant and atmospheric country.
NameArgentina Handbook
AuthorChris Wallce
ContinentSouth America
Product typeGuider
PublisherFootprint Handbooks
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About the series:

Footprint Handbooks - Footprint
Footprint Handbooks In the 1990's the well respected and long established Trade and Travel Handbooks underwent a make-over and became Footprint Handbooks. For the better part of this century, The Trade and Travel Handbook to the South Americas (now South American Handbook; in 1999 it was published in its 75th edition) has been the bible for independent travellers to that continent. The new books have hard-wearing paperback covers and the paper used for the pages is "biblepaper", which makes the books compact. An interesting feature is that their continent Handbooks are published anually, which in some cases can make them the most up-to-date guides available. The main selling point of the Footprint Handbooks is the sheer volume of information within their overs; there is no subjective selection of places to eat and sleep, just straight lists of places according to budget. Also, no towns or villages are left out due to the philosphy that no matter how obscure or dull a place might be is also provides above average information on the politics, history and economics of a country or region. The series has lately expanded and there is now about 50 titles available.

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