Walking in Sardinia - 50 Walks in Sardinia's Mountains - Cicerone Press

A guidebook describing 50 day walks on the island of Sardinia. The routes cover the north east of Sardinia, including the Ogliastra coast, the Supramonte further inland, and the broad, high mountains of Gennergentu. These are the highest, wildest and most dramatic parts of Sardinia.

Routes include short, easy and popular walks as well as long, difficult and less frequented walks. As well as detailed route descriptions, the guide includes practical information on travel to and around Sardinia, language and currency, accommodation, mountain safety and details on the many sights along the way.

Nuoro is the largest town close to the highest mountains, and could be used as a base for several days, especially by walkers relying on bus services. Other useful bases with good access to a handful of walks include Oliena and Dorgali for the Supramonte and Ogliastra. Villages such as Baunei, Santa Maria, Lotzorai and Tortoli are popular with people exploring Ogliastra. The highest mountains of Gennargentu can be reached easily from Aritzo, Desulo, Tonara and Fonni.

The Walks
1 Monte Ortobene from Nuoro
2 Monte Corrasi from Oliena
3 Punta Ortu Camminu and Sos Nidos
4 Punta Cusidore from Nostra Signora di Monserrata
5 Tiscali from Valle di Lanaittu
6 Tiscali via Scala de Surtana
7 Gola de Su Gorropu
8 Dorgali, Monte Bardia and Cala Gonone
9 Dorgali and Cala Gonone
10 Genna ‘e Petta and Sa Portiscra
11 Codula Luna and Cala Gonone
12 Cala Sisine, Cala Luna and Cala Gonone
13 Giustizieri and Sa Coronas
14 Genna Silana to Genna Croce
15 Coile Orbisi and Sa Pischina
16 Fennau, Televai and Urzulei
17 Talana and Nuraghe Bau e Tanca
18 Monte Olinie to Coe Serra
19 Talana and Coe Serra
20 Sa Mola and Paule Munduge
21 Santa Maria Navarrese and Monte Oro
22 Baunei and Punta Giradili
23 Irbidossili and Cala Goloritzè
24 Golgo and Cala Goloritzè
25 Serra Ovara and Cala Sisine
26 Genna Sesole to Golgo
27 Genna Ramene to Golgo
28 Triei and Osono
29 Perda Pera and Monte Arista
30 Ulassai, Canyon and Punta Matzeu
31 Ulassai and Baulassa
32 Osini and Nuraghe Serbissi
33 Taquisara and Is Tostoinus
34 Perda Liana from Genna Filigi
35 Laconi and Santa Sofia
36 Funtanamela and Gurduxiones
37 Punta la Marmora from S'Arena
38 Punta la Marmora from Bruncu Spina
39 Punta la Marmora from Cuile Meriagus
40 Arcu Guddetorgiu and Girgini
41 Monte Spada from Genna Luddurreo
42 Tonara and Punta Muggianeddu
43 Bauerì, Passo Perdu Abes and Tonara
44 Meana Sardo to Aritzo
45 Aritzo and Geratzia
46 Teti and S'Urbale
47 Teti and Craru Eridunele
48 Sorradile and Monte Cresia
49 Sedilo to Ponte Fiume Taloro
50 Sedilo and Nuraghe Iloi
NavnWalking in Sardinia - 50 Walks in Sardinia's Mountains
ForfatterPaddy Dillon
ForlagCicerone Press
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