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The Adlerweg (or Eagle's Way) is a well maintained and waymarked 300km path traversing the length of the Austrian Tyrol from St Johann in the east to St Anton in the west. It follows established mountain and valley tracks to traverse the length of the Austrian state of Tyrol from east to west. 6 low-level alternative stages and a challenging 8 stage variant are included in this guidebook, with suggestions for a 15 day and 21 day trek. The six easier variant stages avoid the more airy parts, and eight more difficult Alpine Stages provide an alternative high-level trek through the Lechtaler Alps. Each stage is graded for difficulty but even the most difficult are accessible to most experienced walkers, and no special equipment is required.

The route is also well served by good quality, well-positioned mountain accommodation and refreshment opportunities.

SECTION 1 Kaisergebirge
Stage 1 St Johann in Tirol to Gaudeamushutte
Stage 2 Gaudeamushutte to Hintersteinersee
Stage 3 Hintersteinersee to Kufstein

SECTION 2 Brandenberger Alpen and Rofangebirge
Stage 4 Langkampfen to Buchackeralm
Stage 5 Buchackeralm to Kaiserhaus
Stage 6 Kaiserhaus to Steinberg am Rofan
Stage 7 Steinberg am Rofan to Mauritzalm
Stage U6 Kaiserhaus to Bayreutherhutte
Stage U7 Bayreutherhutte to Mauritzalm

SECTION 3 Karwendelgebirge
Stage 8 Maurach to Lamsenjochhutte
Stage 9 Lamsenjochhutte to Falkenhutte
Stage 10 Falkenhutte to Karwendelhaus
Stage 11 Karwendelhaus to Hallerangerhaus
Stage 12 Hallerangerhaus to Hafelekarhaus
Stage U9 Lamsenjochhutte to Vomperberg
Stage U10 Vomperberg to Absam
Stage U11 Absam to Pfeishutte

SECTION 4 Innsbruck and Patscherkofel
Stage 12a Innsbruck city tour
Stage 13 Patscherkofelhaus to Tulfeinalm
Stage 14 Hochzirl to Solsteinhaus

SECTION 5 Wettersteingebirge and Miemingergebirge
Stage 15 Solsteinhaus to Leutasch
Stage 16 Leutasch to Ehrwald
Stage 17 Ehrwald to Schloss Fernstein castle

SECTION 6 Lechtal and Valluga
Stage 18 Schloss Fernstein castle to Anhalterhutte
Stage 19 Anhalterhutte to Haselgehr
Stage 20 Haselgehr to Steeg
Stage 21 Steeg to Stuttgarterhutte
Stage 22 Stuttgarterhutte to Ulmerhutte
Stage 23 Ulmerhutte to St Anton am Arlberg
Stage U22 Steeg to Leutkircherhutte

SECTION 7 Lechtaler Alpen Hohenweg
Stage A17 Schloss Fernstein castle to Loreahutte
Stage A18 Loreahutte to Anhalterhutte
Stage A19 Anhalterhutte to Hanauerhutte
Stage A20 Hanauerhutte to Wurttembergerhaus
Stage A21 Wurttembergerhaus to Memmingerhutte
Stage A22 Memmingerhutte to Ansbacherhutte
Stage A23 Ansbacherhutte to Kaiserjochhaus
Stage A24 Kaiserjochhaus to St Anton am Arlberg
NameThe Adlerweg - The Eagles's Way Across the Austrian Tyrol
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